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We are people

 It all started back in December with the reports about the school shooting in Newtown, that led to a lot of autistic people speaking out for themselves. Since then „autism“ pops up again and again, but in the wrong context.

Lately politicians, journalists and business CEO´s over excessively use the term „autism“ without thinking about the wrong picture they portray. Unfortunately the term „autistic“ often shows up in a negative context, which destroys the effort of many who try to bring awareness and understanding to the subject. The result is that people with autism are discriminated and subjected to the prejudice falsely associated with autism.

Autistic people are people with unique traits , who can enrich society as a whole if there are open minds. Autistic people are as diverse as people are and they have different strengths, weaknesses, skills and interests. They have feelings, they love their families and friends and they want to be acknowledged and respected like every other person.

Autistic people usually don’t suffer from their condition but from the intolerance and lack of acceptance from their surroundings. Yes indeed, autistic people have feelings, sometimes even more acute than others, but at times it is difficult for them to display them. Some autistic people show their emotions in a more subtle way, they often have trouble showing cognitive empathy, which is the sensing of non verbal signals when it comes to other peoples feelings. But when they are aware of the next persons feelings, because they have been mentioned, the emotional empathy is often not a problem anymore.

All together one could get the impression that autistic people are less empathetic or simply not interested in in their fellow people. In most cases that is not the actual situation and it hurts both parties when they get excluded from society.

That is why a precise and clear understanding of autism is essential. With that said the media should do a concise study and use the term in a correct context.

Help us to raise awareness about autism.
It is our goal to communicate instead of talking about each other, so that psychotherapists, psychologists, pediatricians, therapists, the media, politicians and a lot of others who work with autistic people or „judge them“ will be able to see it out of the perspective of an autistic person and benefit from that.

It is time people start talking with us, not about us.

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